strawberry & baby spinach salad

bleu cheese, shaved red onion, candied pecans, bacon cider vinaigrette 

 caesar salad

romaine, red onion, polenta croutons, white anchovies, parmesan

jumbo lump cheese fries

jumbo lump crab, fontina, bechamel, truffle oil

duck confit chicken wings

choice of:

-classic pomegrantate molasses chili sauce   or    -three chili garlic hot sauce

served with housemade blue cheese, cruidite



denver omelet

smoked ham, gruyere, cheddar, fontina, peppers, onions, wild mushrooms, roasted potatoes

steak & eggs

cheddar scrambled eggs, shiitake mushroom jus, roasted potatoes

lump crab, spinach & boursin omelet

jumbo lump crab, garlic-herb boursin, truffle, roasted potatoes

mixed berry & mascarpone stuffed french toast

challah bread, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, toasted walnuts, warm maple syrup

varga burger

american cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, shaved red onion, dill pickles, tomato, lolla rosa,  garlic aioli, brioche sesame seed roll, fries

turkey burger

goat cheese, applewood-smoked bacon, pickled red onion, tomato, lolla rosa, brioche sesame seed roll

eggs benedict

applewood smoked bacon, toasted english muffin, spinach, orange hollandaise, truffle oil, roasted potatoes

caramelized banana & milk chocolate chip pancakes

toasted walnuts, citrus cinnamon syrup, whipped cream

gilled eggplant & mozzarella sandwich

roasted roma tomatoes, basil pesto, grilled sourdough bread, mixed green salad, white balsamic vinaigrette

caramelized banana & milk chocolate chip pancakes

toasted walnuts, citrus cinnamon syrup, whipped cream

truffled wild mushroom & fontina omelet

roasted tomatoes, spinach, herb potatoes

grilled cheese & tomato bisque

gruyere and fontina cheese, brioche, fresh oregano, truffle oil



turkey bacon

herb roasted potatoes

cheddar cheese grits

chorizo sausage

applewood-smoked bacon





orange juice, champagne

irish coffee

bailey’s, whiskey, coffee

strawberry bellini

strawberry purée, champagne

bloody mary

housemade mix, vodka, bacon wrapped olive

housemade spiked cider

cinnamon stick, cherry rum